EcoJet™ (DDM) Mixers - Low On Capital Investment . . . High On Efficiencies

There’s no reason to sacrifice efficiencies just because a brand new aerator or mixer isn’t in the budget

With options for purchasing a refurbished system or reconditioned components, Aerator Solutions can make what was old seem new again. And help give your operations a boost without breaking the budget.

Better Than New™ Equipment

Aerator Solutions can recondition the motor module by refurbishing the discharge cone or motor base from our own, and any competitors’ aerator or mixer. We will recondition the components, and add a new motor, shaft parts, and propeller to make a Better than New motor modul.

  • Dynamically balanced motor module to ensure long life of unit
  • New float, intake cone, or anti-erosion assembly provided, if needed
  • Significant savings will result, depending on unit size

EcoFurbished™ Equipment

EcoFurbished™ aerators and mixers are systems from Aerator Solutions that were previously used as rentals or other applications. Re-built to our strict standards, our EcoFurbished solutions are available for shipment immediately, based on current inventory

  • Significant savings compared to new equipment
  • 1-year mechanical warranty