Blue Frog® Hybrid Aerator . . . The Patented Blue Frog® Technology
The Blue Frog® System Technology represents a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment strategies.

It is an innovative, affordable, sustainable solution designed to meet wastewater treatment lagoon discharge standards at a significantly lower investment cost. It prolongs the life of the lagoon by restoring it back to its original design capacity.The Blue Frog® is the system’s base circulator. It is a hybrid aerator that functions as both a mixer and passive aerator that moves water laterally through the water column, creating an entirely unique treatment process.

The key to Blue Frog® is its engineered flow pattern:
  • System selects for fast settling granular sludge
  • Granules are fed constantly, increasing productivity.
  • Solids accumulation is eliminated.
  • BOD, TSS & Odors reduced

Blue Frog® can be a stand-alone system or one that works in combination with other technologies to digest sludge and reduce BOD & TSS; eliminating costs to handle sludge.

Blue Frog’s® modular design uses energy-efficient 3 Horsepower motors specifically designed for our engineered system. The reduced energy consumption saves lagoon owners thousands of dollars a year on power costs. The motors are supported with a twelve-month warranty.

Blue Frog® Key Benefits

  • Effective
  • Economical
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally-sustainable

Total Horsepower: 3

Requirement: Engineered float depth of 4 feet.