ASPIRO™ Aerators/Mixers
Proven & robust range of aspirating aerator mixers. Subsurface action means quiet operation and excellent directional mixing capabilities in all weathers, and best use of available volumes leading to better treatment outcomes.

The ASPIRO™ is a surface mounted self-aspirating propeller type aerator that draws atmospheric air below the water surface and transfers it via a hollow induction shaft into a highly mixed horizontal water stream not unlike the wake of a boat. This efficiently creates fine bubbles and mixes air and water into any lagoon, tank or other basin that requires it.

Mixing Capabilities

The aspirator aerator is arguably the best mixing aerator available in the world. It can be used alone or in multiples, or in combination with other types of aerators to provide optimal efficiencies for particular applications. Multiple ASPIRO™ units can completely or partially mix very large volumes of water at lowest installed power, and provide excellent turndown capabilities.
Treatment Efficiences

This means that the power put into your ASPIRO™ equipment ensures oxygen distribution throughout even the largest basins – something many other types of aerators fall short on. This results in better treatability of water or wastewater at lower installed power by more effective use of available volume in the treatment plant.

There is little benefit in installing what appears on paper to be an extremely efficient aerator that, in the end, only affects one small portion of your plant and leaves large volumes un-aerated and unmixed.

Odor Control

The ASPIRO™ aerator is particularly useful where there are high strength wastes and odor concerns. It’s subsurface action negates the possibility of splashing and associated vapor born odors common to other surface aerators.

Flexibility of Installation

The ASPIRO™ ranges from 2 HP to 100 HP and can be mounted on floats, fixed to a bridge or wall etc. ASPIRO™ can also be easily installed in fluctuating water level situations.

Options such as stainless steel flotation assemblies, work platforms (on larger units), anchoring and cabling information are all available on request

Multiple small units can be installed to create an oxygenated ‘odor cap’ on very large and deep basins at very low required power, or conversely can aerate and circulate very shallow basins where other types of aeration cannot be used

Larger multiple unit installations can suspend the heaviest solids loads in the deepest basins.

Low Noise

The ASPIRO™ is also arguably the quietest surface aerator available today as aerating and mixing action takes place below the water’s surface in all cases – i.e. no splashing noise. There is also no gearbox, so no low frequency noises associated with reduction drives common to many other units.


Maintenance on the ASPIRO™ is extremely simple and can usually be carried out with little downtime experienced.

Australian Made - World Class

The entire ASPIRO™ range is designed and manufactured wholly within Australia with local parts support - and has been exported all over the world. There are now some thousands of units installed.

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