Accessorize your EcoJet™ for ultimate performance and longevity.

Accessory options for the EcoJet™ high-speed aerator provide several enhancements to help protect the life of the equipment and meet specific operating conditions.

EcoMask™ Spray Containment Dome
Used to control and contain the mist and spray generated by the aerator’s pumping action, the spray dome controls the water discharge and directs the water back into the bulk liquid. This process minimizes mist and retains heat.

EcoPak™ Anti-Ice Diffuser
The anti-ice diffuser is a cast aluminum ring that is bolted to the top of the discharge cone to minimize ice build-up. Based on the horsepower of the aerator, the ring contains heating cable that ranges from 1000 to 5000 watts. The anti-ice diffuser is equipped with an integral junction box, which contains the automatic, adjustable thermostat. For proper operation, the anti-ice diffuser requires its own 2-conductor electrical power cable.

Low Trajectory Diffuser
The low trajectory diffuser (LTD) ring is bolted to the top of the discharge cone to lower the aerator spray pattern. Ideally suited for colder climates, the LTD assembly reduces windblown spray and misting, and minimizes icing.

Anti-Erosion Assembly
The anti-erosion assembly consists of a standard intake cone with an integral plate, attached to the bottom. Because the anti-erosion assembly causes water to be drawn from the sides, rather than from directly below the aerator, this action helps prevent bottom erosion that can sometimes occur in earthen or lined basins. Anti-erosion assemblies are also used to prevent disturbance of the sludge blanket in lagoon systems.