With a novel approach to aeration, the EcoDome™ system offers a number of benefits to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Reduced energy consumption
Drawing less than 15kW of power during normal operation, the EcoDome has demonstrated a greater reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional aeration technology. With such low power requirements coupled with the large processing capacity of a single unit, fewer machines are required to meet your wastewater treatment requirements.

Less sludge production and dredging
The combination of effective aeration and mixing substantially reduces sludge production, and in demonstrated cases has reduced sludge volume and enhanced effluent quality.

Less spray, noise and odor
With the aeration and mixing process self-contained within the dome, both noise and odor are virtually eliminated. Spray and mist are also contained within the dome.

Less maintenance
The EcoDome system is plug and play requiring practically no maintenance.

Rugged, reliable design
Manufactured in the U.S. with the highest quality materials under ISO 9001 certification, the EcoDome aerator is exceptionally rugged and durable.

From lagoons and oxidation ditches to concrete basins, the EcoDome aeration system was designed to fit a variety of wastewater applications. Industrial or municipal, retrofitted or new construction, the EcoDome is designed to meet a variety of treatment scenarios.

To learn more about how the EcoDome aeration system can help improve your treatment efficiency, contact us today.