The leader in aeration. For 50 years and counting.

Meet the leader in aeration technology. Aerator Solutions is a top provider of aerators and mixers for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment operations. Known the world over for our EcoJet™ High-Speed Aerator and EcoJet™ High-Speed DDM Mixer, the history of effective technology begins with the aerator design.

The original aerator, which is now known as the EcoJet™ aerator, was developed and introduced in 1963. Throughout the past fifty years, many competitors have copied our technology, but have never duplicated or surpassed its effective productivity.

Most recently, we’ve introduced a game-changing system that’s revolutionizing the wastewater aeration industry: the EcoDome™ aeration system is a hyperbaric dome that is a true gas-to-liquid interface. This advanced system offers preeminent efficiencies, greater energy savings and meaningful ROI.

Recognized worldwide for our service and expertise in wastewater treatment, Aerator Solutions is the sought-out resource for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment equipment expertise. We assist in design, planning, and implementation of our EcoJet™ products to meet your process requirements.

Company History

1963 Aerator design developed by Don Welles
1985 Aerators, Inc. founded
1998 Aerators, Inc, sold to US Filter
2009 Aerator Solutions founded
2015 RevO2 Solutions LLC acquires assets of Aerator Solutions adding the EcoDome™ aeration system to product line and continues dba Aerator Solutions